MOTORSAW aka. Sune Petersen is an artist working in various fields surrounding digital video and performance.

Originally a collaboration between Lau Nørgaard and Sune Petersen, MOTORSAW is now Petersens solo-moniker. He has worked at Experimentarium (Copenhagen), Ars Electronica Future Lab (Linz) and the University of Aalborg. Sune is collaborating with various companies and networks among other Electrotexture Lab (Aalborg), MAPT (Copenhagen), Lasse Vegas Kontoret (Aalborg). Some results of this has been NoRA Pavillion at La Biennale 2006 (Venice), Visual setup for the gala opening at the 2008 Ars Electronica Festival (Linz) and the Playful Bench 2011 (Copenhagen).

Sune has taught at workshops at Aalborg University (Aalborg), TU Braunschweig (Braunschweig), university of Ljubljana (Ljubljana) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (Copenhagen).

One of Sunes main interests is live visual performance. He has performed live visuals for many musical acts Funkstörung, Trentemøller, Grove Armada and Bjørn Svin a.o.
Petersen is on a constant quest to improve his own custom made live visual instrument that allows intuitive improvisation. With this instrument he has performed live visuals at various venues and festivals among others Pixelache (Helsinki), Roskilde festival (Roskilde), The international Videofestival Bochum (Bochum) and Node10
Festival (Frankfurt a.M.). Sune also has created custom live visual instruments for Max Hattler with the Hattlerizer and System with the Systematizer.

Sune is a Creative Commons ambassador artist in Denmark.

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