Pol Mod Pol

Pol Mod Pol

Cutup beats and brutal harsh noise with the most cunning sense for detail and rhythm structures. The result is 100% danceable disco music. According to the rambling parallel-scientific theories of the old Doctor Amok (aka. Pol Mod Pol), that is.

When performing live, Pol Mod Pol is no average electronic music act either. At all. The show seems more like a hard pumped performance than a conventional concert, some times even garnered with with Power Point presentations of mathematical precision. Doc Amok’s body constitute the medium through which the music is channeled to the audience. With daring dance moves and uninhibited hip shaking – which only the rubber mutant from The Fantastic Four could replicate – as well as highly doubtful pedagogical measures, the audience is indoctrinated to accept the thesis that the hysterical beats and totally devastated noise-scapes are just as danceable as the latest single from Britney Spears.

Pol Mod Pol has played with names such as Merzbow, Drop The Lime, Jason Forrest/Donna Summer, Bjørn Svin and on the independent theater and performance festivals RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN and Vildskud, and is signed to both the controversial prankster label Syg Nok Records as well as to Uhrlaut.
Mikko Mansikkala Jensen – who is the human behind the Doctor Amok persona – started making harsh noise back in 1997. That year he founded the concert- and lobby association Aalborg Noise Jihad (later abbreviated Noise Jihad, when he moved to Aarhus) together with Lars Hansen from Wäldchengarten. He is a graduate from Jutland Art Academy in 2006 and also plays music in the cross-artistic performance collective Reverse Collective. Mikko also makes music under his other solo-moniker, Soviet Subliminal Seduction, as well as act as audionaut in the space rocket launch band Ren Optur and play guitar in the sludge/doom band Double Space.

Pol Mod Pol is Danish and translates to “Pole Versus Pole”.

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